How To Use Anti-Lice Products

First, start by reading the product instructions and strictly respect the contraindications, precautions, methods of use, and duration of application. All anti-lice products are to be applied to dry hair. After an exposure time (indicated on the instructions), wash the hair with water and mild shampoo, then comb it with a lice comb (sold in pharmacies). Finally, dry the hair with hot air using a hair dryer.

Keep these products out of the reach of children due to the risk of ingestion and poisoning; it is also advisable to store them in the medicine cabinet. Ensure that these products cannot be opened, ingested, or used by children. Seven to ten days later, a second application is essential. This step kills the lice born from the nits that were alive when first used.

You must control the treated area well two days after the second application. If lice are still present, start a second treatment respecting the two applications. If the lice persist despite the two well-conducted treatments, consult your doctor. Only he can tell you what to do.

Anti-Lice And Itching Treatment

The itching can last several days after the anti-lice treatment by Lice Treatment Service Fontana for example: this does not necessarily mean it has not worked. If you or your child experience side effects, talk to your pharmacist.

Monitoring After Head Lice Treatment

At the end of the treatment by lice doctors for example, check your child’s hair regularly to ensure that the lice and nits have disappeared. Once rid of his lice and cured, your child can be contaminated again because he is not immune, like after a viral illness.

In babies, it is better to use a lice comb

Products may be toxic to babies. Better to use the so-called “bug-busting” method. This method involves combing wet hair with a detangler or oil (like olive oil) with a louse comb every day for two weeks.

Watch Out For Clothes And Objects Infested With Lice

Wash pillowcases, hats, scarves, and other clothing in contact with the scalp or neck in the washing machine at a temperature above 50 °C. Items that cannot be washed at this temperature, such as combs or brushes, can be soaked in an insecticide solution for 5-10 minutes. Then wait 3 days before using them again.

Fragile clothes can be:

Placed in a closed plastic bag for three days;

Or it is disinfected with an insecticidal anti-lice powder (except in pregnant women) or an aerosol. Take care to read the product instructions carefully and follow the instructions for use.

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