What You Need To Know To Overcome Your Fear Of Laser Eye

Contact lenses came to give people more freedom to be able to carry out different activities with quality vision. But not everyone adapts to the accessory, which can cause itching and irritation. Practicing a sport without fogging up your glasses (when the sport allows them to be used) or playing with your children without fear of dropping and breaking your glasses are also natural “dramas” for those who need them to see. Not to mention social events, where women invest in good makeup and don’t want to “hide” it behind their glasses. Learn about is lasik covered by insurance here.

Medicine has advanced a lot in all areas and the field of ophthalmology; it is now possible to reduce or eliminate myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism through refractive laser surgery, a very safe procedure in which the patient leaves the surgery already seeing well.

See The Profile Of The Patient Who Can Undergo Refractive Surgery.

Refractive surgery from discover vision for example is indicated to correct the patient’s degree of momentum. If he has in his genetic code the possibility of increasing the degree throughout life, for example, the procedure can eliminate the degree now, and the patient can see well for years. But it does not rule out the possibility that he will return to wearing contact lenses or glasses.



The surgery lasts 15 to 20 minutes in both eyes (no more than 10 minutes in each eye). It is done in the hospital, and only local anesthetic eye drops are used. The patient stays awake and can even talk to the doctor. The procedure also does not require any preoperative body, such as fasting or taking any liquid or medication. The most important thing, in this case, are the preoperative examinations of the eyes, which will provide the ophthalmologist with surgical and postoperative safety.

The surgery can leave the eye a little drier than usual. So it’s essential to start treating the eye with lubricating eye drops beforehand or even with food supplements, so the post-surgical recovery is better and faster.


Post-surgery care is attention to hygiene – you cannot wash your face with tap water and keep your eyes open -avoid exposure to the sun, bathing in the sea or swimming pool in the first 30 days. If the patient needs to leave the house, he should protect his eyes well with dark glasses. Care must also be taken with contact sports, which are not recommended in the first few days, to avoid any risk of accidental contact with the eye.

Learn More About Laser Refractive Surgery Recovery?

While some people are afraid of facing the surgical procedure, the reports of those who have already gone through them are the most encouraging and serve as an impetus for those who need to create courage. Patients say they can wake up and no longer need to look for their glasses at the bedside. Or they report the possibility of running or playing sports without fogging up their glasses. Even trips inside the house stopped happening, according to reports from one of the patients of the ophthalmologist.

Not seeing is very limiting, not being able to do anything without glasses or contact lenses. Laser refractive surgery is very liberating for those who undergo the procedure. It is a turning of the page, a change of life.

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