Types Of Good Vitamins For Your Heart To Be Healthy

As with other nutrients, consuming vitamins is a great practice, but everything needs to be advised and recommended by your cardiologist at cardiocare. After all, everything in excess is wrong. And making sure you can eat can be the solution to your problems!

B Complex

The B complex brings together a set of eight vitamins that can help prevent heart attacks. Thus, helping to prevent obstruction of veins and arteries.

Although it is a supplement, it is possible to find its main vitamins in foods such as:

·       Cabbage;

·       Melon;

·       Eggs;

·       Milk;

·       Fish.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant (being very powerful). Antioxidants are molecules that make it impossible (or at least make it difficult) for cells to oxidize. Thus, they act by delaying the premature aging of cells.

In addition, it reduces LDL levels and strengthens the arteries. So, find out which foods are rich in Vitamin C:

Fruits and vegetables are the most decadent foods in Vitamin C. Among them:

·       Acerola;

·       Orange;

·       Guava;

·       Kiwi;

·       Strawberry;

·       Orange;

·       Bell pepper;

·       Broccoli;

·       Brussels sprouts;

·       Cashew.

Detail:  Vitamin C is quickly lost when food comes into contact with the air. Therefore, to make the most of this vitamin, it is necessary to consume the food fresh and immediately after its preparation.

D Vitamin

Vitamin D helps prevent a good variety of cardiovascular diseases when consumed in the correct dose. That’s because it maintains the flexibility of blood vessels, helping to prevent hypertension.

Although it has better absorption through “sunbaths,” it is possible to find it in some foods, such as:

·       Eggs;

·       Salmon;

·       Sardine;

·       Tuna;

·       cheeses;

·       Liver steak;

·       Mushrooms.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E also helps in lowering bad cholesterol (LDL) while increasing good cholesterol (HDL). As a result, it may decrease the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition to the other benefits for other systems of the body. We can find it in foods like:

·       Vegetable oils (because of oleic acid);

·       Margarine;

·       Cereals.

Foods To Avoid

Try to avoid foods that contain large amounts of salt, fats, and sugars. After all, foods with large amounts of these components harm (and a lot). Therefore, the best choice is to avoid these foods and look for healthier alternatives whenever possible!


A good practice to be exercised is to always look at the labels of processed foods and their nutritional information according to cardiocare. Although the best choice is to avoid such foods, when it is not possible, try to know what you will eat. Also, avoid foods that contain more than 5% sodium in the daily dose. After all, the WHO recommendation is to consume 5g of sodium per day.

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