Staying Fit while at Home and Why Exercise is Important

Since so many of us are stuck at home, we need to exercise now more than ever.

Exercise has been found to lower blood pressure, with aerobic exercise being best at addressing this concern. Activities such as swimming, jogging, or dancing fall into this category. Regular exercise improves blood flow to the heart and increases oxygen flow throughout the body. Another obvious reason is that regular exercise can help people from being overweight, which can put pressure on the heart. Lifting weights can increase muscle mass and, paired with cardio and good diets, can help keep individuals at a healthy weight.

Physical activity also reduces stress on the mind and body. For people who are constantly stressed out, this stress can lead to high blood pressure. A daily routine can improve mood and confidence to help manage the toll of stress. Lastly, exercise can boost a kind of cholesterol called HDL (otherwise known as high-density lipoproteins) which can help lower the levels of bad cholesterol found in the human body.

Herbalife Nutrition recently shared five workouts that can be done in the safety and comfort of home. Daily exercise can also help with mood, confidence, and to fight off illnesses.

The first on the list is tricep dips. You can do this exercise while sitting on the floor with knees slightly bent and pushing up and down to work out the muscle located at the back of each arm.

The second exercise, which is traditional and popular, is push-ups, which work out many different muscle groups. For the unfamiliar, push-ups are done by lying flat on the floor with hands at shoulder width and pushing up and down with the arms. People must make sure they are going all the way down.

Next are traditional crunches to work out the abdominal muscles. You can perform crunches on the floor with your hands under your shoulders and bringing the knee to the chest 10 times with each leg. The traditional squat position can be excellent for working out the legs and does not require a gym. Your back must be straight for you to do crunches properly, with your chest facing up and feet shoulder-width apart. The weight must be placed at the heels as the exercise is done by sitting down and pushing back up.

The last exercise that can be done in the home is reverse lunges with a knee lift. This is done by reaching backward with the legs and sinking down and back up.

Visit Herbalife Nutrition’s website to see the workouts virtually.

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