General Info about How Long Can Organs Stay Outside Body Before being Transplanted

People wishing to donate their organs have many queries. The first and foremost is to know the process involved in removing organs from the deceased and implanting them in the receiver’s body. Many times, due to lack of information individuals avoid registering their name as a donor.

The first question which comes in our mind is “how long do organs last after donation“? For Heart/lung: 4 to 6 hours, Pancreas: 12 to 24 hours, Liver: Up to 24 hours, Kidneys: 48 to 72 hours, Corneas: Must be transplanted within 5 to 7 days, Heart valves, skin, bone, saphenous veins: 3 to 10 years

Here are few tips every organ donor and its receiver should understand:


· The Majority of organ and tissue donations are done of deceased person. The family of the person readily gives approval for the medical staff to do the needful.

· Some organs like kidney, bone marrow tissues or part of lungs can be donated while the person is alive. The donors agree to do for monetary gain or because the receiver is their family member.

· The first thing is to check whether the donor organ matches with the receiver’s body. The most matched organs are heart, lungs, kidney, pancreas, liver and intestine. While the matching result is positive, the surgery is done to do the transplantation of organs.

If you are wondering about the time limit of the organ living outside the body, the answer will be quite less. This is one of the basic reasons for organ transplantation failure. The surgery needs to be immediately done for maintaining the health of its receiver and to stimulate proper functioning of the organ. While transporting the organs they are kept in cold storage, to keep them safe from infection and to keep them fresh. The whole surgical process is quite complicated and is done only by experienced surgeons.

Most of the problems arise in lack of donors coming forward willing to register their name in licensed organ donor organization. It is wholly because of unawareness about the goodness of organ donation. People need to recognize it as a noble cause, and thus health care units need to majorly get involved. To know more about the right ways to follow in creating awareness among masses and to become a donor log on to the website Their services for bringing smile on face of the organ receiver and their family are remarkable. Thus, pledge your organs that changes the life of a person.



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