Why Seeing Your Dentist Is Important In December 

It is commonly seen that patients in California postpone their dental appointments until the end of the year since they are busy due to holidays and celebrations. However, this can actually have a negative effect on your dental health. This is because you might skip dental hygiene during holidays and indulge in more sugary treats as well as alcoholic drinks. 

When you skip oral hygiene for a long time, your teeth and gums become more susceptible to damage. Studies show that 75% of Americans have or will have periodontal disease at some point in their life. You should schedule your appointments with a dentist in Mission Viejo, CA, prior to Christmas celebrations to get ahead of your routine check-ups. 

Reasons to see your dentist in December 

  • It reduces your risk of cavities and gum disease. 

During the holidays, people consume more sweets and sugary delights than usual. You have cakes, pies, chocolates, and whatnot. This can especially affect your back teeth, the molar, and premolars, which have more grooves and ridges and are difficult to clean with a toothbrush. 

Therefore, you become more susceptible to cavities and gum diseases. But, with routine appointments, you can get dental cleanings done to remain protected during the holidays. 

  • You can get oral cancer screenings. 

During your regular screening, your dentist will also check your mouth for oral cancer symptoms. Oral cancer can be treated if diagnosed in its early stages. The procedure is quick and painless but offers benefits in the long run. If cancer is detected, you can discuss your treatment options and prevent the disease from spreading. 

  • You can get ahead of potential issues. 

The holidays can be both stressful and exciting time. Having your oral health checked by your dentist and knowing what potential issues you might have can reduce this stress. Being ahead of your dental problems and treating them before the holiday begins can make sure you enjoy your time with your friends and family properly. 

  • It is the perfect opportunity to utilize your insurance. 

Dental insurance offers and benefits usually come around during the holidays, which is the perfect time to utilize them. If you have not been to the dentist in months, December is the best time to do so while also saving money. 

Moreover, you can also get dental procedures done to get ready for the holidays. For example, teeth whitening, dental fillings, dental cleaning, etc. You will be all set to enjoy the dinner parties without toothache or sensitivity issues. 

Even though visiting the dentist in December is highly recommended, there is no reason you cannot visit in any other month. If you have not been to the dental clinic in a while, book your appointment today!

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