Facts You Should be Clear about Vasectomy- Making the Smart Move

Many couples opt for a birth control option because they may not want to have more babies. These days, these methods are available for both males and females. Depending on their choices, any one of them can agree to get a procedure done so that they don’t have babies and still enjoy their sexual life. We will discuss the option that a male can have with the help of a Vasectomy Doctor. It is known as vasectomy in which the sperms do not reach eggs and eliminates the possibility of pregnancy in females. Some of the facts about this procedure are elaborated below:

You both should agree to the procedure

A couple must have common thoughts when it comes to birth control. If any of the partners do not agree to this procedure, the husband should not go for it. If possible, they should visit the doctor to know more about it. People generally take the decision of not having a baby as either they have enough or they don’t want a kid because it will affect the health of the wife. It is always a good idea to take your time to decide whether it is the right option.  

Vasectomy is effective and safe 

This procedure can be performed by injecting local anesthesia and the scrotum gets numb. This procedure is safe and no side effects have been observed in males. Some people may get anxious during vasectomy and medicines can be given to relieve that medical condition. After the surgery, the sperm will not leave the testicles and hence, the chances of getting pregnant are minimal. 

Recovery time is quite less 

Unlike other procedures, the patient, who has undergone this procedure, can get better within a few days only. However, the doctor may advise you not to have sex for a few weeks but you can carry out daily activities normally. The swelling and bruising after the surgery can fade away in two weeks.

Keeping using other birth control methods 

You should know that it might take a few days for sperms to decrease from your semen. Until your sample comes sperm-free, you should keep opting for other methods of birth control so that your woman does not get pregnant.

Vasectomy is reversible

If you have been married for the second time and want to have kids, you can consult your doctor and get the process reversed. However, you should discuss the complications with your doctor. 

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