For me, Life By Design handed me my permission slip to create a weekly space for exploring my personal vision of how I want my life to be. Over the twelve weeks, Kelly and Maggie guided me with engaging conversation, meaningful exercises and empowering tools to transition my vision from my head and heart, into my daily life. The Life By Design group was a safe and inspiring setting to really dig into my personal aspirations and I found the other participants to be both inspiring and supportive. It provided me the combo platter of “TLC and Kick-in-the Pants” that I needed to break free of the self defeating excuses and self-sabotage that would often hijack my happiness and determination.

Each week, I looked forward to our meeting time to reflect upon my weekly progress and to create a deeper, clearer pathway to achieve my vision. Much like a set of blueprints and a schedule helps a builder with her project, LBD helps to make a personal plan to set an exciting idea or aspiration into motion. With the day to day busyness that work, family and other obligations bring, it’s easy to let our hopes and desires stay suspended until a more opportune time arrives, or we think we have the time to devote to it.  After months of listening to the Strong Body Whole Heart podcast, I realized that truly, that “ideal” time” simply doesn’t just arrive; it needs to be created. Creating a viable plan of action and taking charge of my desire and vision happened when I decided to join Life By Design. I finally made my goal for living to my fullest potential and happiness, once and for all, a REAL priority. My sincere enthusiasm for the program and the support generously shared by Kelly and Maggie cannot be overstated.  I am so very grateful for the tools and strategies I have incorporated into my life as I continue to strive in a positive direction propelled by the momentum that Life By Design initiated.