Before working with Maggie, a year ago the amount of emptiness inside of me would be impossible to see because my natural, upbeat personality masked it so well. I still have the same bubbly personality, yet enjoy life so much more as that emptiness of hurt, regret, confusion, hatred and lack of self love has slowly been filled into loving who I am. This is because of my willingness to allow Maggie into my troubled world, and practice strategies she instilled in me to make sure I listen to my past, present, heart, mind and body‚Ķ.From her first email response to our continued sessions, Maggie has graciously guided me along, always being my number one cheerleader… Maggie gradually started to let go of my hand as I started to use the tools she gave me to acknowledge strength in myself, know how to have a backbone for myself, and live the life I deserve. I will forever be grateful for Maggie, to encourage me to face my life head on, so I can handle any situation if needed and never forget to love myself, my whole self.