“Life by Design led me on an incredible journey of self discovery. We would all like to view ourselves as confident and capable human beings, constantly striving to lead perfect and successful lives. I kept reaching for impossible goals that began to place value on my self worth. Life by Design showed me that our accomplishments or our perceptions of what a fulfilled life should be does not define us. Here I was taught that in this very moment just by ‘being’ you are enough. I was asked to take a deeper look into my past, combating feelings that I had suppressed for years in order to find myself worthy. It wasn’t easy to sort through the feelings of doubt, anger, and sadness, but by doing so I was enveloped in kindness and gratitude for myself and others. I viewed myself through the eyes of others, but most importantly it showed me the best way to view myself. I found that when I began to view myself as someone worthy of my goals and dreams, when I began to see myself as beautiful in every way, I realized I was beautiful.