SBWH Podcast Ep. #157: Body Positive with Summer Innanen

This week we had the great honor of having Summer Innanen on the show for the 2nd time. She is a body image coach and creator of the Body Image Remix. We are talking body positive, body image, and what you can do to start changing those old tapes in your brain! You can listen using the player below or by subscribing in iTunes.





Discussed in This Episode:
  • Summer was on our show previously, you can find it here. And, Maggie was on Summer’s show, Fearless Rebel Radio.
  • Summer shares what she’s been up to since the last time she was on SBWH
  • Summer believes that she has learned more about herself and her thoughts and knowing that it makes her valuable and worthy
  • They discuss the moments that Summer decided to be even more authentic in her life and business
  • Summer shares how she overcomes the “scary” parts of what she does
  • Accept yourself as you are, and love yourself where you are
  • Summer answers the question, “How do we start shift our mindset when it comes to body image?”
  • The ladies discuss diet culture and how it can cause mental stress
  • Summer shares what she does to continue to grow and expand in the physical, emotional, and mental areas
  • Find what you value, what lights you up and what do you want more of

Want to connect with Summer? Find here at her website, Fearless Rebel Radio, Instagram, and her three month Rock Your Body program.


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Have a great week!

Kelly and Maggie

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