SBWH Podcast Ep. #143: Wealthology with Michelle Lowbridge

For the final episode of our Finances Series, we have Michelle Lowbridge, The Energy Editor and author of Wealthology, on the show. You can listen using the player below or by subscribing in iTunes.





Michelle, the energy editor, quickly identifies money blocks that are stopping entrepreneurs from releasing their superpowers and then smashes them with her powerful wealthology system.


Michelle’s journey began when she was pregnant with her son, and she decided to create an online course. She was reading The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks, which talks about how we all have limits to what we believe we’re worth, and when we get near those upper limits we have a way of subconsciously keeping ourselves from going further.


Michelle shares where her upper limits came from, and how it spilled into her life. In the book (The Big Leap), there are directions on how to overcome these limits, but she felt like this was going to take too long, so she did her own energy edits (she’s a kinesiologist).

When working with clients, Michelle takes them through a muscle process, to discover where they are holding onto stresses.

  • Michelle or one of her practioners, start with an advanced form of muscle testing
  • Next, they take their clients through a series of processes that help the client to release the stress that is connected to the money block
    • Michelle explains that in your energy system there are layers, there is a layer of beliefs, emotions, and where your thought patterns are
  • Identify the rogue layers that are keeping clients at a lower vibration or that feed the subconscious mind.

The energy system is a blueprint for everything, if  you change your energy system, you can change your subconscious.  Once you get your conscious and subconscious on the same page, you can begin to move forward.

Michelle’s practice  isn’t about the client having a belief in the practice, it’s not about healing in that way, it’s about facilitating people’s body, mind and energy to create what they really really want.  If a client is blocked off from their higher self, or if it doesn’t feel safe on a subconscious level, they will block it. Everyone has their comfort zone, and stepping outside it can be tough, so Michelle works with the clients to overcome this.


When someone is able to muscle test efficiently you can bypass all this interference. So that, when you start digging around, and the subconscious won’t let you get to the deep stuff, you need to seek a professional.


What does muscle testing look like?

A practitioner uses a muscle in the body, and monitors how it responds to stress. Michelle uses a specialized method that most won’t have experienced before.


Michelle’s book, Wealthology – The Science of Smashing Money Blocks, was born because of her 6 Wealthology profiles. Money blocks may not always be about money. You may have a limiting belief that money is dirty, but, it is far more likely to do with how you feel when you take certain actions in your business. This is what the book dives into. The book walks you through each theme, what to look out for, what to do, and what will happen when you get things sorted.


If you are interested in working with Michelle, go to and click on “work” to be taken to her different options.


This week’s amazing action step is to email Michelle and request a FREE PDF of her book, Wealthology. She has graciously offered to give one to each of our listeners. Be sure to put “Strong Body Whole Heart Podcast” in the subject line! You can also check out the Wealthology Profile Quiz on Michelle’s website to see which profile you are and gain some insight to your strengths and where you might get caught up!

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