SBWH Podcast Episode #54: Find Your Sexy with Stefani Ruper

We talk with Stefani Ruper this week about how to find our true sexy in a healthy way. We really dive into what healthy looks like for real, as opposed to what we think it should look like, and how women can really begin to own and love their unique shape. You can listen using the player below or by subscribing in iTunes.





Stefani is the author of Sexy by Nature: The Whole Foods Solution to Radiant Health, Life-Long Sex Appeal, and Soaring Confidence. This book should be required reading by all women! It literally changed my entire perspective on loving my body.

Here are some other links we mentioned during the podcast:

  • Here is a link to Stefani’s article on Shattering The Myth of Fasting For Women.
  • Here is the Precision Nutrition Infographic we talked about on the Cost of Being Lean. I would like to add that one of the tradeoffs not listed for women under 20% body fat is loss of fertility and other health problems related to that like PCOS, acne and hormonal dysfunction. During our conversation, Stefani alluded to some of her health challenges when she lost a lot of weight.

Be sure to connect with Stefani at her website, – lots of great articles and information there – as well as on Facebook and Twitter!

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Maggie and Kelly