SBWH Podcast Ep. #123: How To Date Yourself

This week on the podcast we interview Veronica Grant, a dating mindset coach, and talk all about the importance of dating yourself first. The idea that we must treat ourselves and love ourselves the way we desire to treated and loved. You can listen using the player below or by subscribing in iTunes.






In order to attract the types of relationships we want and deserve into our lives, it is important to date ourselves first. In our interview Veronica shares her past experiences struggling with body image, self-esteem, and perfectionism. She shared that these feelings attracted emotionally unavailable partners. Only when she was able to acknowledge her worth was she able to open herself up to meaningful relationships. Being able to own your story and love yourself will help you move into this new state of being.

In order to attract the people we want in our lives, we need to be who we really are. Discovering your authentic self and putting it out there in the world will draw the right kind of people to you. Start by dating yourself. Anything that you would want a partner to do for you, do for yourself. You can start small, for example buy yourself flowers, and move into more profound gestures.


Interested in working with Veronica? Check out her Dating Mindset Bootcamp and her podcast, Date Yourself Radio. Kelly was recently on an episode! You can also find her on Facebook or Twitter!


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