SBWH Podcast Ep. #111: Acceptance and Responsibility

Last week we kicked off our mini series, Tools for Life. Part 2 is all about acceptance and responsibility. We talk about owning our past and present and how to begin this process. You can listen using the player below or by subscribing in iTunes.






Being able to recognize what you are creating within your own life is an essential part of moving towards your vision. Taking notice of the circumstances or outcomes that arise as a result of the choices we make can allow us to identify the decisions we are making that hold us back. Being mindful of the these choices can give us the opportunity to shift these outcomes.

A huge piece of this process is owning the role that you play in these situations. Every choice you’ve made has gotten you to where you are now. Accepting that all that has happened to us and the role that we have played, good and bad, make us who we are going forward is essential. Additionally, blaming someone else instead of owning our part hinders our ability to move forward.

Blocking the past can trap you there. Releasing all the things that have held you in place is a uplifting and freeing experience. So how can we begin the process of acceptance and taking responsibility?

First off, it is important to give yourself the freedom to feel. The emotional piece of acceptance and responsibility is crucial, whether that is grief, anger, hurt, etc. Second, out of the emotion it is also important to look at what is. What are the facts? Sometimes things that we believe are not necessarily true. One tool that may help to differentiate between what are facts and what are beliefs is to write down what happened and then go back through and underline what is a fact. Be gentle with yourself as you move through this process.

When we release ourselves from the past, we are able to believe that what we envision for our life is possible.

Be sure to download our free acceptance and responsibility worksheet so you can really incorporate this tool into your life!


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