SBWH Podcast Ep. #101: Real Self-Worth with Summer Innanen

This week we interview Summer Innanen, body image coach, creator of 21 Step Body Image Remix and host of Fearless Rebelle Radio. We talk about relationships with food, self-worth, and tools for moving forward. You can listen using the player below or by subscribing in iTunes.






There are many people who struggle with their relationship with food. Food, diets, and restrictions can become an obsession that can influence a person’s feelings of self-worth. Summer wants to help others by shifting theior focus from the quantity and types of food that we eat, to what is going on internally that is driving the relationship. Using food as a coping mechanism or to fill a void under the guise of health can create an internal battle.

Emotional health is an essential part of living a fulfilled like. Taking care of your emotional needs is just as important as the physical piece. Some of the self-care practices that Summer uses are to seek out another coach, being observant and mindful of her thoughts and feelings, and outlets like talking to others and journaling.

Your worthiness does not come from what you are doing or not doing. You are worthy because you are you. When you live authentically you are fulfilling your purpose.


Here are some of the things we mentioned on the show:


Have a great week!

Maggie and Kelly