What is Your Gift?

I believe we are all born with a unique gift or talent. There is something that you can do better than anyone else in this world. When you are expressing this talent, you become timeless. Passion and inspiration flow from you effortlessly. You are so engrossed that the world falls away and you are 100% present in the moment. When you can align with that talent and start to live a life filled with purpose and deeper meaning, there is a deep sense of connection with one’s self that occurs and it is there that we feel full of love for ourselves and those around us.

You may be thinking, I don’t know what my talent is, or maybe you don’t feel any talent at all. Trust me when I tell you, everyone has a strength. It may show up mostly in your work, your ability to communicate with others, or possibly how you volunteer your time. There is no gift that is greater than another, what’s important is that you align with your unique ability and strength.

So here is one way you can explore uncovering your gift. Take yourself back to your childhood. Think about the things you loved to do and that made you energized and happy. When I was 7, for example, I loved being outdoors and I loved to perform.  In my backyard, which was several acres of forest, there was a creek that ran in the middle of the woods and I would spend hours there.  The woods and creek became my stage and I would pick a character from a book and step into their role. My favorite character was Laura Ingalls from Little House on The Prairie. Her family would be challenged with life events, but brave little Laura lived in the mind set of possibility and solution.  It was in that role-playing that I was timeless, fully present and where I was truly being authentic.

I invite you to take a few moments to think about what made you feel authentic. Allow yourself to see and feel the things that excited and inspired you as a child.  What activities did you love? What were you doing that brought you the most joy? Then ask yourself if you are using that inspiration presently. Do you still have that same excitement? Do you take the time to do the things that make you feel whole in your current circumstances or are you feeling like there is something missing or unclear?  How would your life look different now if you where expressing your authentic self?

I know, without a doubt, that in order to live fully and to be truly happy with ourselves, we need to express our unique gifts. Getting clear about your talents is a tremendous step towards wholeness. Laura Ingalls was passionate and a problem solver. I too, am passionate and have carried the love of  problem solving and supporting others in their own lives with me as long as I can remember.

I would challenge you to take a small step in bringing some of your passion and talents into your life this week. What experience would you like to have that will allow you to be 100% present and filled with joy? Connect and have fun with yourself! See how good it feels to be genuine to yourself.