Happy Valentine’s Day or “Single Awareness Day”

I had to make a trip to my local Wegmans to pick up a few things . . . . before I even walked in, I knew what I would be facing……OMG a vomit of roses, ice sculptures, hearts, a chocolate fountain, a wall of Hallmark cards….  Don’t get me wrong it was beautiful, but for the “single person” it can make you very aware that there ain’t a lot of romance happening in your life!

Everywhere I go right now, all I see is love and romance, but  I am choosing to own my singleness and focus on loving myself. (okay, can I have 10 minutes to feel sorry for myself??)

So, I have created a list of how I can love and own who I am. This way, if I am seeing a couple drooling over one another, I have something to keep me on track:


  1. look into the mirror and repeat 7 times “I am perfect just as I am”.
  2. Write my vision for primary relationship and read often throughout day
  3. Bless all the good, great, and amazing in my life
  4. Thank all past relationships for teaching me powerful lessons that make me the amazing women I am today.
  5. Go to Bikram yoga.
  6. Smile often.
  7. Dress in something that I feel sexy in (no workout clothes).
  8. If  I really want flowers, buy them because I am being loving to me.
  9. Call a friend to say how much they mean to me.
  10. Meditate.
  11. Cook an incredible meal for myself and my children.

The truth is, I want to see love happening everyday in this world.  The best way I know how to do that is by being a reflection of love. . . .what we put out is what comes back to us, so why not feel something positive about ourselves and give up old patterns of negative self-talk and put-downs.  Whether single or in a relationship, how can you celebrate the amazing, beautiful, person you are today? How can you send some of that love and romance energy out into the world? So, here’s to candy hearts and roses, chocolate and strawberries, and most important here’s to love!