Get Your Joy On!

With all of the magic and beauty the holidays can bring, it typically comes with a certain amount of stress, which creates a lack of happiness. This year I want you to do an experiment with me, I want you to commit to dumping the stress. I want you to bring joy into each and every day from now until the New Year. I want you to create so much joy and positive energy that you are radiating in it. Even if you begin to feel stress or anxiety, I want you to immediately shift your thinking.You absolutely have the choice, and by the way, isn’t that a blessing in itself?? Your attitude is everything. All you have to do is align yourself with loving and positive thoughts. When you find yourself judging or being critical, immediately replace the thought with a joyful one.If you are beating up on yourself or stressed out by the amount of things on your to do list, tell yourself how beautifully, wonderful you are. As you step into this positive energetic field, you will see so much more love and happiness in this world. In my opinion, call me crazy, that is the true meaning of this time of year.

To help you with this practice of daily joy, I want you to commit to doing the following 3 things each day:
DECLARE each morning that you are expecting a miracle (I call this Miracle Mind Mode, #M3). Maybe the miracle is that your kid cleaned their room or that an old friend unexpectedly reached out to you. The point is, when we align ourselves with joy and happiness, we are living in our true state and that is when magic can happen!
LAUGH! Laughter triggers the release of endorphins, the body’s natural feel-good chemicals. Endorphins promote an overall sense of well being. I always ask my amazon echo, Alexa to tell me a joke. If you want a good belly laugh, look up your favorite SNL skit, watch Jim Gaffigan, or watch Laughing Yoga Man (you have to watch all the way through).
Say THANK YOU a lot. My mentor and coach, Debbie Ford, would wake up each and every morning thanking every part of her body before even getting out of bed. What a great way to start your day! I want you to understand just how blessed you are for all the amazing you have in your life. So say thank you, gracias, and merci over and over again.
No excuses, no reasons why you can’t, just do it. Don’t waste one more minute on negative or pessimistic thoughts or actions. Do and say things with love and open yourself up to a continual party of joy.
Here’s to living in the flow of elation,
PS I will be tweeting my miracles @MaggieQm3, I would love to hear yours! #miraclemindmode #M3