Bring on Your Amazing

This morning I woke up with a smile on my face looking forward to creating joy for the day. How many of you feel the same way? It’s so easy for us to open our eyes and be hit with the old, familiar voice of negativity or anxiety. Well, I say it’s time to wake up to something incredible! I want you to wake up to the joy and passion that each of us  has deep inside of us. Let’s not waste one more day in a stale routine.

Bring on your amazing!


I know, you are saying “it’s easier said than done”. The truth is, it’s whatever you make of it. I know resistance can come up but, aren’t you tired of those old excuses that you use day after day that can step in your way of creating something incredible? Put on your warrior gear, step up to the front line and attack that resistance that keeps you stuck. No more fooling around, no more waiting for it to land on your lap, no more status quo.

You have a purpose on this earth and it’s not to waste your time feeling like you are just getting by.

I want you to join me in creating passion each and every day.  When you wake up in the morning before anything else, I want you to say:

 I matter, and I am going to create a freaking amazing day!

By affirming that, you are opening yourself up to receive a higher vibration of energy which creates a shift in perception, a new way of seeing things, and opens the door to opportunity. Isn’t that so super easy? How funny, the more you focus on amazing, the more amazing will come your way…

Crush the mundane and start creating the incredible! Your amazing is just waiting to express itself.

You want more awesomeness? Check out the SBWH Worthy Tribe on Facebook. Talk about an awe-inspiring group of people! There are great conversations going on and I want to hear about all the extraordinary experiences you are creating because you are affirming incredible.    The Daily Blueprint will send you inspiration as well.  You will find thoughts that can help shape your day.

Here is to your week filled with crazy passion!



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