10 Ways To Still Your Mind

What a beautiful week it has been. I am naturally a joyful person but when the sun is shining my happiness radar definitely goes up a notch. There is something about the sun that makes me slow down and become more still…..


Being more still means giving my brain a break and emptying my head. Our brains are working all the time at figuring things out, making meaning out of situations and making decisions. I know for me as well, I have about 100 sub-personalities that love to talk all the time. But when I can consciously make a choice to slow and become more still, my perception shifts, my choices are coming from a whole different place, and there is a deeper sense of trust and the need to figure things out disappears.


Stillness can be achieved in meditation but that is not the only way. I can choose to be still anywhere and anytime. When I am emptying my mind, I travel to my heart and focus my energy there. My heart always has my best interest in mind. I find that when I choose this form of self care, I achieve other tasks with more peace, joy, and ease.


Here are some things you can try out to work on emptying your head and allowing yourself the gift of stillness and rejuvenation:


  1. Like I said meditation is a great way. Try out the SBWH meditation series.
  2. Breathe. Stop and take 7 deep breaths and begin to feel how your energy is shifting.
  3. Assume the recovery position. (One of my favorites)

recovery pose

  1. Dance party. Choose a song that fills you up with joy and sing and dance.
  2. Go outside. Whether on a hike, a walk down the block, or just sitting in your yard. As you breathe focus on all the noises that you are hearing and surrender into your surroundings.
  3. Journaling.
  4. Some people like to dig in the dirt and work their gardens.
  5. Holding a thought, whether one to ponder or just a word that feels good. We can give you thoughts to ponder Monday through Friday by receiving our Daily Blueprint.
  6. Exercise. As I run I leave behind any thoughts or distractions and allow myself to be focused in the present moment. I also know I feel amazing after a good sweaty workout and that joy will stay with me as I go on with my day.
  7. Water is a great tool for stillness and is so powerful for me. Whether in the tube, a pool, a float tank (check it out), or just listening to the sound of water, I feel so empowered and rejuvenated.


So, how do you create stillness? What is rejuvenating for you?  I would love to hear what methods you use to empty your head and fill up your heart! Create an amazing and incredible week because you are amazing and incredible!




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