The Middle Is Messy

The other day I took my dog, Piper, for a long hike in the woods. There is a beautiful wildlife management area behind my house that has several trails, and I decided to try a trail I hadn’t been on in years. I had a very vague memory of how far it was and where it went, but as I turned onto the trail I knew I was in for an adventure of sorts. That feeling of going down a road unknown is exciting and scary at the same time, right?

So we were going along and it was exactly like I remembered. The trail was easy and we were fresh since it was early in the hike. I thought I remembered that the trail came out onto a pond, but as we went deeper into the woods, I wasn’t so sure. The trail started getting more and more overgrown. I was having to climb over downed trees and walk through high grass.

I started to doubt if I should keep going. I was thinking maybe I should turn around…I don’t want to get lost out here…this is getting really hard…I wonder if it will even be worth it.

Right about that time I noticed a wild blackberry bush with just a couple of ripe berries on it. I was so excited! It was like the trail was offering me a reward for forging ahead, so onward we went through the waist-high grass. It really was an adventure now!

I started to see that the trail was opening up, and as we went around a bend on my left was the most beautiful field completely covered with purple flowers as far as the eye could see. It was breathtaking!

As I turned my head back toward the trail, a dragonfly caught my eye and we followed it as though it were leading us somewhere magical. Then I looked to my left and a magnificent blue heron was just taking off over the pond.

I laughed. I felt giddy. I was being given a gift that I wouldn’t have received if I turned around.

And then it hit me.

The middle is messy.

Not just on my hike, but in life. We start on a journey towards a new dream and we are excited! We are rested and fresh and ready for the adventure ahead, but all too soon the path gets hard. We start to get tired. We have to bushwhack our way through resistance and fear and doubts and sacrifice and all we want to do is quit.

But the middle is what it’s all about. The middle is where we grow.

When you embrace the middle you are embracing life. You are loving yourself enough to keep forging ahead even though it is hard and messy and tiring.

So here’s to the middle, because the middle is what gets us to the end!

What do you think? Is the middle the hard part? Maybe the beginning is the hard part for you? Let us know in the comments below! We love to hear from you!


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