Our Real Food Podcast Episodes

We have had the honor of interviewing some pretty amazing guests on The Strong Body Whole Heart Podcast. We have quite a collection of interviews with people in what we like to call the “Real Food World.” These are all people that are passionate about finding health through real food. Many of them have written books and cookbooks, and on top of that are just all-around cool folk.

If you are more interested in eating real food and feeling great, be sure to check out our Eat Real Food Meal Plan! It’s a week’s worth of recipes and ideas for you to get started!

We decided to group these all together in one spot for you, so you have them at your fingertips! Time to get listening!


Finding Your Passion with Diane Sanfilippo










Challenge of Change Mickey Trescott










Find Your Strong with Stacy Toth











SBWH Podcast Ep. 44











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