Looking for Love

When I was in elementary school my mom listened to country music, and to this day I can still sing most of the words to that song, “Lookin’ for love in all the wrong places…” Maybe it was just a good tune, but for some reason I can still hear the twang of the melody without having to try very hard at all.

The thing is, what if there were no bad places to look for love. What if we started looking for love everywhere? And if we want to go even deeper, what if we started to look for opportunities to love everywhere?

As humans we crave love. It is at the essence of who we are and is what we were created to do. Love doesn’t have to be limited to romantic love or the kind of overwhelming, heart-stopping love you feel for your children. Love can reveal itself in the most simple ways. Each weekday morning I drive my son to school during rush hour. On a good day it takes about 40 minutes and can be extremely frustrating. One of the ways I have started to deal with this frustration is to love on all the people that are driving around me. There is one spot where I turn right to get on the highway but there is always a huge line of cars waiting to turn left, so every single day I flash my lights and let one of those cars turn in front of me. Simple and loving. Sometimes I get a wave or a smile, sometimes I get nothing, but every time I do it I feel more energized and ready to love even more.

If we are always looking for ways to love, to connect, and to enjoy the people around us, all of a sudden we smile more. Our eyes light up and people notice. We have more zest for life and start to notice the small things. Loving others suddenly makes you feel more loving, lovable and loved! Loving is where it’s at!

Where are some places you can start to look for love each day? Please leave a comment sharing with us so we can all start to have more love in our lives! If you loved this article, please share it with a friend!