How Are You Filling Up?

If your child runs out of milk at dinner, what do we do? We get up and fill up their cup. If our car is running low on gas, we stop and fill up our tank at the gas station. We fill up our carts at the grocery store so we can nourish our family, we fill up our to-do list, we fill up our calendars, the list goes on and on. The interesting thing about doing all this filling all of the time is that often we end up empty ourselves.

I have begun to be very aware of my energy needs, both creatively, emotionally, and physically, lately. I’ve been pouring myself into this business day in and day out. My mind is constantly coming up with ideas about blog posts, podcast topics, people we can interview, ideas for future programs and products we so want to bring to you, and I love every single minute of it! I also pour myself into my family each and every day – thinking of them while I am away from them, what I will cook for them, writing notes to teachers, calling parents, praying for them, and loving on them. This is part of what I was born to do, of that I am sure.

The challenge with energy is that it runs out if we don’t monitor it. And by monitor I don’t mean hold on to it so tightly that we have to meter it out bit by bit, but I mean monitor in the sense that we know how much we have in the tank, so to speak. If we aren’t paying attention we can run, not only low, but out and then we are stuck. If you have ever run out of gas in your car, you know that it takes far longer to fill up if you are stuck on empty on the side of the road than if you pay attention and fill up before you run out.

First we need to pay attention to our energy and secondly we need to make sure we are filling ourselves up. I had the wonderful opportunity yesterday to be filled up. I went to the Women TIES Retreat for women entrepreneurs, and it was just what I needed. Maggie and I are taking time this weekend to go to Oprah’s Live the Life You Want Tour, so we can get filled up. It isn’t always about working harder and doing more. Sometimes the most important thing you can do is stop and fill your own cup when it is running dry. As parents, as spouses, as children, as siblings, as business owners, as employees, as friends, we owe it to ourselves and all of the people we are serving to be filled up with positive energy. That is how we touch lives. That is how we will create something beautiful. That is how we will set an example to others of how to nurture ourselves.

Some great ways to fill up are take a little bit of time each day completely to yourself. This can be meditating or prayer, it can be reading a book, it can be sitting in front of the fire with a cup of tea, or taking a long hot bath. It doesn’t have to be a long time, but just a short period every day will do wonders to sustain you and keep your cup filled.

Sometimes you need to take more time, like a whole day or a weekend. And here is the key – don’t feel guilty about it! Fill yourself up with beautiful new scenery, a hike through the woods, a massage or a pedicure. Maybe you love beautiful food, so treating yourself to a restaurant tour of your favorite city might be just what you need.

The beautiful thing about filling up is that it is something you enjoy, something that will inspire you, something that will create space and energy in your life that you need to be at your very best. So how will you fill up today, this weekend, this month, this year?  How can I help you fill your cup?