Each and Every Moment

Today I sat in a chair on a stage in the middle of a group of people creating music together. This was not the first time I have had this honor, but today was different. Today everyone was listening to me.

As I brought my flute to my lips, my heart was beating, beating, beating out of my chest. Surely everyone could hear it. My body was shaking. Surely everyone could see. I felt like all the air in my body could never sustain the phrase I was supposed to play.

And then, I played and I was still scared. I finished, and I was still shaking.

And then I was given a gift. I realized that this was my chance to be fully present. To live in this moment alone. To simply be. This moment was exactly where I was supposed to be, and I could focus on my nerves and my body and on everything else except for the moment or I could focus on just being here, doing this thing I have always wanted to do, this thing I was meant to do today.

Today I lived one of my dreams. Tomorrow I will do the same, and I will be present. I will honor my dreams by letting go of my fears and simply breathing in and out with gratitude for each and every note I am given to play, for each and every breath I take, and for each and every beautiful moment I have been given to live.