Decision Making from the Heart

Do you ever struggle with making decisions? As a working mom, I have to make a million tiny decisions each day: what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner, who is picking up who and who is taking who to what, how will I structure my day, when will I exercise and what kind of exercise will it be, what will I wear…the list goes on and on, and that doesn’t even include the big, life decisions! There are some nights when I ask my husband what he wants for dinner not so much to cater to what he wants, but because I just don’t want to have to decide!

When it comes to the big decisions (where to live, which school will I send my kids to, which car will I buy, which job will I take, how I choose to spend my money), we tend to research, study, look up all the facts and make decisions from our brains. This, however, does not always yield the best results. There have actually been scientific studies that show when we make decisions based on data (i.e. thinking and research) instead of based on our emotional response, we tend to choose the wrong thing!

Whoa. Hold on a second.

You read that right! We should be making decisions using our emotional response. In other words, go with your gut, follow your intuition, listen to that inner voice. I think for a lot of smart, intelligent women, we feel like knowing more about a certain decision will help us make the right one, but if we really tune into our bodies, tune into our hearts, we will find the answers right there.

What do I mean, tune into our bodies? Well, have you ever made a decision and instantly you feel lighter, more free and joyful even if it was a challenging decision to make? And on the other hand, have you ever made a decision that leaves a pit in your stomach and a weight on your back? Your body knows. It will tell you. When you are making a decision try each of the options on and see how each of them feels. We would never buy shoes without trying them on, right? (Well, we might, but usually regret it…)

The other part of this formula is trust. My head wants to trust the facts, but when I look at my track record, my very best decisions were not made based on facts, but based on how they made me feel. Once you start making more and more decisions in this heart-led way, you will be able to trust your heart even more. Start with a tiny decision if you want and build up that trust and amazement in what our souls know.

If you are struggling with a decision right now, I encourage you to find some quiet time and space and just breathe. Don’t think, set aside the struggle for just a few minutes, breathe and practice decision making from the heart. We have also created a guided process to help you do this as well which you can find here.

Let your heart be your guide.