Are You Ready To Change Perspectives?

Have you ever walked inside and wondered why it was so dark only to realize you still had your sunglasses on? LOL! Well, maybe only I’ve done that, but you can imagine what that would be like, right?

Sometimes we find ourselves going through life wondering why everything seems so dark to us. Some of the feelings that come up when we are in this place are, “Why does this always happen to me?” or “Not again,” or maybe something like “SERIOUSLY??”

(ahem…can I get an amen here??)

I think we have all found ourselves having these moments of despair, wondering if things will ever be different, wondering why everyone else’s lives seem so much easier, and wondering why we can’t have some of that. If you are aware enough of your own thoughts and emotions to be able to identify when you are feeling this way, it’s helpful to take a step back and look at what your emotions are telling you.

They might be saying, “I’m tired of living this way,” or “Man, I really need a change.” It’s easy to get caught up in the feeling of the emotions and miss the message they are trying to give you. When you start to hear the message then you can start to see those emotions through a different perspective. You can take off your sunglasses while you are inside so things become bright again.

Our negative emotions are powerful messages that can lead us to great change. They point us in the direction that we want to go if we choose to listen to them. When we start to see our emotions as more than just feelings, we can really drill down into the depths of our hearts to find what we really want in our lives.

Once you have taken off the glasses and are seeing things in their true light, the light of wisdom, the light of personal action, the light of VISION, then you can start to take action that puts you back in the driver seat. There is nothing worse than feeling like you have no control over the circumstances in your life, but here’s the thing…we do have control! We get to decide what we will do and how we react to every single moment of our day. We get to decide if we will hold onto anger or surrender to forgiveness, whether we will choose something that empowers us or choose something that dims our inner light, and ultimately, whether we will move forward or stay right where we are choosing to see things through those dark glasses instead of changing our lenses.

Are you ready to step into a time of your life where you are taking control over what happens in your life and how you react to it? Are you tired of wearing the sunglasses inside? Are you ready to change perspectives? If this is resonating with you, I encourage you to check out our upcoming session of Life By Design.

You were born with a purpose and with passion. Are you ready to use it?