SBWH PaleoShift Recipe Round-up

Cravings have an annoying way of creeping up on us and making their presence known don’t they? Luckily there are many great (and healthy!) recipes out there that will satisfy a relentless itch for foods that are not-so-paleo. Check out all the tasty recipe dupes posted this week by our wonderful SBWH PaleoShift Facebook Community! Keep these handy for the next time you get a hankering!





Pizza Spaghetti Pie – Craving pizza? Check out this comparable recipe! Deborah used venison sausage and she said it was a huge hit with her family. This recipe is very versatile, add whatever fixings you want, just like you would with pizza toppings!


Buffalo Cauliflower Bites – A healthy alternative to buffalo wings. These would be great for a Superbowl party!


Pizza Stuffed Sweet Potatoes – Another great paleo twist on pizza! Jackie said this recipe worked like a charm to take away her pizza craving.


Garlic Chicken Butternut Lasagna – Fiending for some lasagna? Diane said she doubled the chicken and used Pastabilities sauce to make this delicious meal. Jackie has tried the sauce included with the recipe and she says it is tasty as well!


Pumpkin Pancakes – Can you say yum? These are prefect for when you are craving a delicious treat for breakfast.


Roast Chicken – Grace said that this roasted chicken recipe is absolutely the BEST on she has tried!


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