SBWH PaleoShift Recipe Roundup

This week, we all set our clocks back an hour for daylight savings and we also discussed an article about our internal clocks on the SBWH PaleoShift Group. With the days getting shorter and the weather getting colder, warm and easy-to-make meals really hit the spot. Check out these tasty recipes posted this week!




Gluten-Free Grab and Go Turkey, Broccoli, and Egg Muffins – Who doesn’t love an on the go breakfast? Deborah uses Gianelli Sausage and leaves out the sun-dried tomatoes for a kid-approved breakfast or lunch.

paleo recipes

From Wheat Belly Cookbook by William Davis


Paleo “KFC” Chicken Tenders – Crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. This meal has all the makings of a big hit with your family! Try them out tonight!


Bacon Chicken Pie – Jackie says this recipe is her favorite! She uses a large bowl and increases that cooking time instead of using ramekins.


Rainy Day Biscuits – These versatile biscuits are a perfect side for soups or stews, they will go great with your Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, with jam for breakfast, or any  other way you can think of!


Please join us in the SBWH PaleoShift Group and share your favorite paleo recipes!