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joy without limits

Joy Without Limits

Recently I was having a conversation with a good friend and we were discussing how we maintain being positive with all the circumstances that can come our way in life. There are several things that I do on a daily basis that support me in living life with joy and exhilaration.  First and foremost is […]


honest, open, vulnerable

Today I am just having a shit day.  I woke up and had no coffee in the house. So I immediately pulled my hair back, put on sweats and drove to Starbucks (thank God its practically around the corner).   Once I returned,  I settled down at my kitchen table, which is my makeshift desk, […]


  How are you showing up for yourself?

  I had this amazing conversation with a gentleman today.  We were talking about some coaching opportunities for me to participate in and we got into a discussion about vision.  In our conversation he asked me to describe my life for the next year, in present tense like it is already happening. So I described […]

full time gratitude

Full Time Gratitude

Why is it that people seem to be more patient and friendly around the holidays?  I believe that we are being reminded about how important it is to be grateful.  It starts as we reach Thanksgiving and tends to follow us through the New Year.  When we are grateful, we gain a sense of peace […]

bikram 2

Uniquely Shaped

The other day I went to Rochester’s Bikram Yoga Studio to take a class.  It had been a couple of weeks since I had attended, and I was really looking forward to it.  The traditional class is 90 minutes long, no music and 26 poses in a room of 105 degrees.  My favorite class to […]


If I’m Not Hard Core, What Am I?

Earlier this week I received an invite to go mountain biking with two of my BFFs. I was so excited to get out and challenge myself  with something different. My friends have been mountain biking for a long time, and I just recently picked it back up. Off we went into the woods over all […]


Happy Halloween

What are your family traditions for today?  I remember as a kid we would always order pizza on Halloween for dinner. At dinner, we each had to come up with a Halloween  joke or story to tell the rest of the family ( I guess it helped get us into the spirit of things). After […]

let go

Every morning when I wake up, I sit at my kitchen table and drink coffee watching life unfold.  I have 3 great big windows that allow me to see from the backyard all the way to the street.  There are several trees that I have been watching with the change of season.  It’s nothing unexpected […]


Hero Story

A dear friend just appeared back in my life after 25 years of no contact (thanks FB).  Our conversations have been so rich and wonderful and it has been so amazing to hear about his journey, his story, and where it has brought him in his life.   I believe he has enjoyed my banter about life and […]


My Beautiful Mistakes

We have all done things in our lives that we consider to be a mistake.  That something that we want to run from or hide from.   My question to you is how long do you want to carry it around? The other day I was speaking with my ex-husband on the phone about the integrity […]