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daily blueprint

    Invite more. Invite all the things you want. All of the goodness. All of the joy. All of the happiness. All of the success. Invite it all in. Ask it to join you on your journey. Don’t be afraid. Expect it to happen. Hear the yes the universe is giving you and set […]

decision making from the heart

Decision Making from the Heart

Do you ever struggle with making decisions? As a working mom, I have to make a million tiny decisions each day: what’s for breakfast, lunch and dinner, who is picking up who and who is taking who to what, how will I structure my day, when will I exercise and what kind of exercise will it […]

ready to change perspective

Are You Ready To Change Perspectives?

Have you ever walked inside and wondered why it was so dark only to realize you still had your sunglasses on? LOL! Well, maybe only I’ve done that, but you can imagine what that would be like, right? Sometimes we find ourselves going through life wondering why everything seems so dark to us. Some of the […]

image by Dollen

Our Real Food Podcast Episodes

We have had the honor of interviewing some pretty amazing guests on The Strong Body Whole Heart Podcast. We have quite a collection of interviews with people in what we like to call the “Real Food World.” These are all people that are passionate about finding health through real food. Many of them have written […]

21 day sugar detox

21 Day Sugar Detox Wrap-Up

This post is a tad late, but I wanted to share with you a little about my 21 Day Sugar Detox experience. First let me say I did not do this program to lose weight or to kickstart any kind of diet plan. I have been struggling for the past few months with adrenal fatigue […]

21 Day Sugar Detox

Join me for the 21 Day Sugar Detox!

I don’t know about you, but I usually relax my eating standards around the holiday season. I want to enjoy the treats and traditions of this time of year without feeling guilt about my choices. The challenge with making an intentional decision about that is that once January rolls around, I am A) sick of […]

elf on the shelf

Create Joy

A few days ago, Bells, our Christmas Elf came back to our house. This is his 3rd year coming, and I have to be honest with you and say that I resisted having the elf on the shelf. (Notice that he is not the traditional style of elf!) I didn’t want to be bothered by […]